Waxing removes hair from the root by using a covering of sticky wax to adhere to the hair and then removing the covering and pulling out the hair from the follicle. Hair grows back softer, finer and thinner when done 4-6 weekly. Please mention the use of any medication that could cause skin sensitivity so we can select the appropriate product. Note that hair should be 5-10 mm long prior to waxing. A few days of body exfoliation prior to waxing will help lift any hair immediately under the skin. Please consider your therapist when waxing intimate areas (wet wipes available). Taking a mild pain killer 30min before waxing will make your treatment more comfortable.

Upper lip/ chin (15min)   R60

Face wax (includes brows) (30min)    R200

Bikini (20min)   R150

G-String (30min)   R200

Brazilian (30min)   R300

½ Leg (30min)   R200

Forearm (30min)   R150

Back wax (30min)   R300

Full leg (30min)    R285

Under arm (15min)   R120

Full wax (Bikini, full leg, underarm, lip)   (60min)   R500

Full Wax (Brazilian, full leg, underarm, lip)   (60min)   R600

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