Microneedling & Chemical Peels

Congestion & Acne Correct Chemical Peels (60min)

To treat Acne and problematic skin.

Lamelle Beta Plus Peel 15%
Lamelle Beta Plus Peel 20%

These Beta-Hydroxy peels, containing salicylic acid, are excellent for removing pimples and  also drastically calms inflammation in acne. This peel will cause a slight tingling and heat on the skin, especially if the pimples are enflamed or open. Skin will feel hydrated and plump. There could be some dryness and very little or no visible peeling.

Includes: Cleanse; Steam with purifying ozone for 5min; Loosen dead skin cells with enzymatic serum exfoliator; Manually extract black- and whiteheads for 15min max; Apply & remove peel. Cooling Alginate Mask to remove dead skin cells; Appropriate mask; Facial massage.


Lamelle AzeAc Peel (15min)

Mild to moderate inflammatory acne, also excellent for adult acne. Azelaic Acid is proven to blitz the bacteria that causes acne. It also improves inflammation, reduces skin oiliness and inhibits post inflammatory pigmentation. The peel is applied in 2 stages.  You will feel a slight tingling sensation. No visible flaking of the skin should be experienced. Not for pregnant or eczema clients

Includes: Cleanse & prep skin; Apply the layers of peel. Client goes home with necessary home care instructions, while peel remains on the skin for up to 8 hours. Return one week later for extraction Facial (included in the price).


Anti-aging Treatments

Lamelle Alpha 20 Peel (60min)
Lamelle Alpha 30 Peel (60min)

Alpha-hydroxy acid (fruit acid) that is derived from sugar cane, is one of the most widely used photo-aging (sun-damaged) skin Treatments. Of the two peels, the 30% is the higher concentration but is applied in the same way.

Includes: Includes: Cleanse & prep skin. Steam with purifying ozone for 5min. Remove any black- or whiteheads; Peel & neutralise; Cooling Alginate mask will remove any remove loose dead skin cells; Follow with a hydrating mask; Facial massage.


Retistore Peel (15min)
Retostore Plus Peel (15min)

To effectively treat deep wrinkles, you want to completely change the structure of the epidermis. This is an active Retinol-based peel that gives us full epidermal restructuring with virtually no discomfort and a comfortable period of downtime (approx. 5 days visible peeling). It breaks up dead proteins, allowing the dead skin cells to detach without injuring any healthy cells. It rapidly enhances basal cell division and normalising any abnormal cell activity as well as inhibits melanocytes (pigment producing cells) and stimulates hyaluronic acid production.  

Retistore is a less aggressive peel and is focussed on darker skin colours where aging is more related to pigmentation, texture change and dull skin. Retistore Plus has double the active ingredients and is focussed on lighter skin colours where aging is more related to wrinkles and sagging.

Includes: Cleanse & prep skin. Apply Peel and keep it on for 6-12 hours. Remove at home. Follow strict home care instructions. Follow up with hydrating facial one week later (included in the price).


Rice Bran peel (30min)

The Rice Bran peel system is indicated for early fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of uneven skin texture and colour and reduction in sun spots. Leaves the skin noticeably smooth, plump and  glowing. 

Method: The peel comprises a double layer of 2 different solutions. It is a leave -on professional treatment with home care instructions. Results in very light flaking for 5-10 days. Follow up with hydrating facial one week later.


Microneedling (Collagen-induction Therapy) (60min)

Treats scarring (includes acne scars), fine lines & texture and deeper lines are softened. This is a process that creates multiple micro-injuries in the skin with a needle length of 1mm or more that will activate the inflammatory-healing process in the deeper layers of the skin. This helps your product penetrate deeper and stimulates the skin to remove old tissue and replace it with healthy new collagen to defy aging. Skin will be red and slightly swollen and sensitive for a day. Follow up with a hydrating facial one week later (R300 extra).

Includes: Numbing cream; We use your own 12 point needle (R200 extra) that is good for 3 uses and is stored in the salon for your convenience; Needling is done with Hyaluronic acid and Growth factor serum for anti-aging or brightening serum is used for pigmentation; A cooling mask is applied afterwards.


Anti-Pigmentation Treatments

Lamelle Beta Peel & combo Peels (15min)

Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy peel derived from the bark of the willow tree and is ideal for treating both acne and pigmentation. In more severe pigmentation cases, the Beta is combined with either a retinol or TCA (strongest), or a combination of both.

Beta 15%
Beta 20%
Beta 30%
Beta 20% & TCA 10%
Beta20% & TCA 15%

Includes:  Cleanse & prep skin; 1-3 layers of Peel is applied. A tingling is experienced on the skin for about 3min. The peel is left on the skin 8-12 hours after the application. Start your own aftercare at home. Expect some redness and flaking. A follow up facial is done one week later (included in the price).


Microneedling 60min

Needling does a great job of lightning and reversing hyperpigmentation and sun damage. This is due to the activated collagen production and its ability to repair the skin as well as creating a channel to deliver anti-pigmentation serums into the dermis. 3-6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart will offer optimal results. 

Includes: Cleanse & prep the skin; Numbing cream; Needling done with brightening serum; Cooling mask. Home care instructions; Follow up facial (not include in the price) one week later is suggested to remove dead skin cells and hydrate.


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