Mani’s & Pedi’s

Manicure takes care of the hands and Pedicure takes care of the feet. From a basic trim and nail filing, to a luxurious spa treatment including chemical or manual exfoliation, softening treatments, massage and gel or other nail polish.

Trim & File   (15min)   R100

File & Nail polish   (30min)   R140

Gel paint Hands or feet   (30min)   R240

Gel Fill Hands or feet (30min)    R185

Manicure (no Paint)   (30Min) R180

Manicure & Paint/Gel(45min)    R300

Manicure with Paraffin wax & Paint   (60min)   R360

Medi-heel chemical exfoliation Treatment (30min)   R180

Pedicure (no Paint)   (45min)    R290

Pedicure & paint/Gel     (60min)     R395

Pedicure with Paraffin wax, Paint /Gel    R450

Soak off Gel   R70

MAni - Pedi
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